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What are the Different Ways to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

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Photos are an important part of our daily life because they store our closest memories. Meanwhile, due to storage limitations on iPhone, we store most of our images on PC. After all, a PC provides a large storage capacity with great backup options. However, our social life has strong integration with smartphones. This means our social media channels are connected to the iPhone. 

Hence, we must transfer photos from PC to iPhone for sharing and uploading photos on social media. This article will discuss ways how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone dengan berbagai cara. 

Way 1: Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is your trusted file-transferring platform with multiple devices. Hence, you can effortlessly process cara mentransfer foto dari komputer ke iPhone. The transfer connection is fully stable and executes without unnecessary disruptions. Not only pictures, but you can also share more than 18 data types, including videos, messages, contacts, calendars, etc. 

Ideally, you’re not only limited to PC to iPhone transfer, but there’s also a possibility for iOS to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to Android, and Android to iOS transfers. You can also transfer iCloud data to Android or even transfer applications within smartphone devices.

Fitur Utama Wondershare MobileTrans

  • You will get fast data transfers that eliminate the hassles of long waiting periods. Thus, you don’t need to use slow Bluetooth or manual transfer methods again in the future. 
  • The entire data is safely transferred without overwriting the existing data. This means there is protection for your data. 
  • There is also an option to transfer WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data using Wondershare MobileTrans. In this process, you will lose any data. 

How to Move Photos from PC to iPhone by Using Wondershare MobileTrans

To proceed with your photos transfer from PC to iPhone by using Wondershare MobileTrans, follow these simple steps here: 

Step 1: Proceed with Import to Phone Tool 

To initiate a photo transfer, get Wondershare MobileTrans downloaded on your device. Next, connect your iPhone, open the software, and select the “Import to Phone'” function from the “Phone Transfer” tab. This will organize the connection between your PC and iPhone. 

Step 2: Select Desired Photos For Transfer 

Continue to navigate into the “Photos” option from the panel on the screen’s left side and choose your required photos. Afterward, press the “Import” button to begin the importing process. When your file transfer is successful, you can view your images in the Photos app. 

Way 2: iCloud Website

iCloud is a powerful feature from Apple that allows users to store and back up their important files, including videos, photos, notes, and more. Meanwhile, your data is securely stored without risks of breaches or threats. The quality of pictures and videos is maintained in high resolutions with proper formatting. While using iCloud, you can access your data anywhere and from any device.

A special iCloud Drive facility allows making special folders and files to organize your data. You can access these files from the Files app on iPadOS, Finder for Mac, and File Explorer for Windows. Here is the procedure for how to transfer photos from a computer to iPhone using iCloud: 

Langkah 1: Open the iCloud website on your PC browser and log in with your Apple ID credentials. Press the “App Grid” icon from the home screen and select “Photos.”  

Langkah 2: Press the “Upload” icon and upload your required photos from your PC within the Photos app. Now access your photos on your iPhone through the Photos application.

Way 3: Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular file storage platform from Google that is based on a Cloud storage network. Hence, when you upload a file or document, you can access them anywhere on any device. The standard storage facility is 15GB, which is free. 

Meanwhile, you can share the link of your uploaded file with anyone. The privacy of the shared link is possible for adjustments. With Google Drive, you can leverage the entire Google workspace, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, etc. By using Google Drive, here is how to import photos from PC to iPhone

Langkah 1: Launch Google Drive on your browser and click the “New” button from the left panel. Press the “File Upload” button and import the photos you need on your iPhone. 

Langkah 2: Open Google Drive on your iPhone and locate uploaded photos. Hold the photo for a few seconds and tap “OK” from the prompt. 

Way 4: Email

Email is a commonly used platform for sharing important files across devices and networks. However, you can only share files up to 25 MB via email. The sharing network is fast and efficient with disruption-free sharing. Using email, you can compose mail drafts and share files with different people in one go. 

Meanwhile, the platform is safe and secure, so the transferred data will not be lost. Apparently, you can share multiple file types within the email as per requirements. If you want to know how to import photos from PC to iPhone using email, these simple steps will help you: 

Langkah 1: Open Gmail on your system and press the “Compose” button. Within the “To” section, add the mail of the person with whom you want to share the images. In the “Subject” section, you can provide a specific name for your file transfer. 

Langkah 2: Continue to press the “Attach File” icon and add your desired photo. You can also upload the pictures by using the “Insert photo” option. Afterward, click the “Send” button and open your email client on the iPhone. Next, locate the email consisting of your images and export them to your iOS device.


To conclude, there are unlimited ways to transfer photos from PC to iPhone. All these ways possess different steps and procedures to execute file transferring. However, not all of them are reliable due to some drawbacks and restrictions. The best alternative is Wondershare MobileTrans for efficiently processing your transfer photos from PC to iPhone with USB

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